ActNowFilm is an official project from the COP26 Universities Network, produced by student volunteers, the University of Bath Institute for Policy Research (IPR), and Cambridge Zero, in partnership with the Global Alliance of Universities on Climate (GAUC).

It is a compilation of film clips submitted by 16-30 year olds, where young people share, in their own words, why stopping climate change is important to them; their hopes and fears; their climate pledges; and their demands of the COP Negotiators.

The event will begin with a youth voices expert panel session, chaired by Chair of the COP26 Universities Network, Alyssa Gilbert (Imperial College London).

Panel members include Dr Anna Barford (University of Cambridge) who will describe her research on the impacts of climate change on young people and livelihoods in Uganda with her presentation 'Adjusting to life with climate change: young people in Uganda'. Caroline Hickman (University of Bath) will also join the panel to discuss some of her research on children and young people’s emotional responses to climate change with her presentation 'Navigating eco anxiety and eco empathy'.

The panel will also welcome two young climate campaigners, Kekashan Basu and Huiyi Ouyang, whose film clips feature in ActNowFilm. They will talk about the importance of youth climate voices and the climate campaigning that they are involved in.

Following the panel presentations, we will debut ActNowFilm and welcome questions from the audience to the panel.

This event is part of the GAUC Climate x Summit voice track.

This is a registererd online event via Zoom, please confirm your email account associated with Zoom.