The University of Oxford is hosting the “Climate X Nature” Academic Track Forum event during the Global Youth Summit on Net-Zero Future and 2021 GAUC 3rd Graduate Forum. This virtual event will feature presentations by student finalists who wrote papers on the topic of climate and biodiversity, followed by moderated Q&A. The goal of this event is to provide student finalists with a platform to share their work, and facilitate discussion, collaboration, and sharing of ideas with participants from around the world.

Welcome & Opening Remarks

Keynote presentation Dr Cecile Giardin

Section 1: Student Presentations, Group 1
Q&A, Group 1

Section 2: Student Presentations, Group 2
Q&A, Group 2

Section 3: Student Presentations, Group 3
Q&A, Group 3 (moderated by Columbia expert/reviewer)

Closing Remarks

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