A 1-week virtual hackathon as part of the Global Youth Summit to empower, inspire and develop the skills of students from across the GAUC partner universities to form multi-institutional teams to create innovative ideas for products and solutions that address climate change.



Student Participants (12-14 teams)




Teams will be asked to create a product or service related to the theme of the summit.

Selection of the participating students:

Each university would send 5 students to join the hackathon – these would not work together as an institutional team, but instead be put into cross-institutional teams by Imperial College London.

Delivery Platforms

The hackathon would have its own Slack channel to allow students to communicate to each other and act as our primary method of communication.

We would use Zoom for all workshop delivery and all sessions would be available ‘on demand’ as a recording after the session has finished.


The hackathon would launch with a welcome session, explaining what is required and how the week will run. We would put you in cross-intuitional teams prior to the week – these are the teams you will work in throughout the hackathon.

You will also get a handbook that contains all the relevant information, this would be followed by 5 workshops (approx. 1 – 1.5 hrs each):

Workshop 1:

How to work together anywhere!

By the end of this sessions students will:

  • Minimize confusion and miscommunications

  • Agree on results and expectations

  • Reduce the meetings you need, and improve the meetings you have

  • Work more effectively across timezones

Workshop 2:

Finding the right problem

By the end of this sessions students will:

  • Learn how to identify and test problems that are worth solving

  • Have an introduction to a creative innovation process, mindsets, and behaviours.

  • Learn how to find a human-centric problem.

Workshop 3:

Generating and choosing ideas

By the end of this sessions students will:

  • Undertake group ideation around a specific area or theme

  • Understand how to identify, select & articulate relevant ideas that solve that problem

  • Have chosen one idea to focus on

Workshop 4:

How to Prototype

By the end of this sessions students will:

  • Understand the principles of rapid prototyping and when this should be utilised

Workshop 5:

Presentation and Video Skills 101

By the end of this sessions students will:

  • Understand how to create an impactful presentation

  • Understand the power and mechanisms of storytelling

  • Learn tips and tricks to create and edit an impactful video

At the end of the week, teams would attend an optional ‘presentation surgery’ to support you in your idea and video creation.

You would then submit a 3-minute video explaining the problem you are trying to solve, the solution (product or service ) and what you would need to do next to test the idea. A panel of judges would score the videos to determine the winning team.

To submit, email your proposal to gaucevent@tsinghua.edu.cn