- ActNowFilm Debut:

26th Oct 2021, 13:00-14:30 UTC At Climate x Summit’s Voice Track Event

Register https://climatex2021.gauc.net/events/384.html

- ActNowFilm Showcase at COP26

11 November 2021, 12:30 – 13:30 GMT: Green Zone, UN Climate Change Conference (COP26)

- ActNowFilm Trailer featuring at events leading up to COP26:

11 – 15 October 2021: UN Biodiversity Conference (COP15)

26 October 2021: The Global Alliance of Universities on Climate (GAUC) Climate x Summit


ActNowFilm is a COP26 Youth Voices Project

In November 2021, the UK will host the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties in Glasgow – also known as COP26.

The COP26 summit will bring together international government negotiators, decision-makers and policymakers to discuss how they should accelerate action towards stopping climate change.

From small island states to countries with rapidly growing urban areas, representatives from 197 countries are expected to join the summit.

We want to give you, the young people living across the planet, the opportunity to tell these decision-makers, in your own words, why stopping climate change is important to you - the future generations. And everyone’s voice matters.

To do this we are curating a short film compiled of youth voices from around the world that will genuinely outline how climate change is affecting you, what you are campaigning for and what message you would like to tell to climate negotiators at COP26. Working with a student team we will produce the ActNowFilm which will be showcased to the climate negotiators, policymakers, academics, and the public during COP26. Cut-down versions of the ActNowFilm will also be shown at the following events: Global Alliance of Universities on Climate Youth Summit, COP15 on Biodiversity, and, Climate Week NYC.


Katie Parker

Katie Parker is a Project Manager who brings her knowledge of sustainability consultancy, in-house sustainability leadership, management consultancy and marketing to the project.

Amy Thompson:

Amy T is Head of Policy Engagement and Communications at the Institute for Policy Research at the University of Bath. Amy T brings to this project her experience from being a Co-Chair for Climate Exp0; public engagement on climate change, sustainability, the future of farming and protecting our oceans; a passion for effective policy engagement; and a genuine belief in listening to and working with young people.

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If you’re 18-30 years old, please submit your video of up to 2-mins to us as a direct message to one of our social media accounts. Please send it as a WeTransfer link which can be easily generated here.

1 Social media

Tag us in your video on instagram twitter or Weibo with the #ActNowFilm




We must act aggressively to mitigate cilmate change in this decisive

decade.#ActNowFilm Youth voice out on climate change



2 Email

Upload your video via WeTramsfer or mail us dirsctly to info@zero-cam.ac.uk

Film clips should aim to answer the following questions, and we have indicated the approximate time to film for each question:

  • Your first name, and country (5 seconds)
  • Why is climate change important to you? (25 seconds)
  • What is the most important change you think we need to make to address climate change? (25 seconds)
  • Are you involved in a climate group or organisation? If so, what does it do/ what are you working on? (15 seconds). If you are not, please leave out this question.
  • What pledge will YOU take to address climate change (25 seconds)
  • What would you most like to say to the global decision-makers at COP? (25 seconds)