Columbia University is hosting the “Climate X Energy” Academic Track Sub-Forum event during the 2021 GAUC 3rd Graduate Forum and Global Youth Summit on Net-Zero Future. This virtual event will feature presentations by student finalists who wrote papers on the topic of climate and energy, followed by moderated Q&A. The goal of this event is to provide student finalists with a platform to share their work, and facilitate discussion, collaboration, and sharing of ideas with participants from around the world. The event will also feature remarks by Columbia energy experts.

1. Welcome & Opening Remarks (~10 min)
2.Section 1: Student Presentations, Group 1
Q&A, Group 1 (moderated by Columbia expert/reviewer)
3.Section 2: Student Presentations, Group 2
Q&A, Group 2 (moderated by Columbia expert/reviewer)
4. Faculty Keynote (~10 minutes) 
Ah-Hyung (Alissa) Park (Lenfest Earth Institute Professor of Climate Change; Chair, Department of Earth and Environmental Engineering; Director, Lenfest Center for Sustainable Energy)
5.Section 3: Student Presentations, Group 3
Q&A, Group 3 (moderated by Columbia expert/reviewer)
6.Section 4: Student Presentations, Group 4
Q&A, Group 4 (moderated by Columbia expert/reviewer)
7.Section 5: Student Presentations, Group 5
Q&A, Group 5 (moderated by Columbia expert/reviewer)
8.Closing Remarks (~5-10 min)
Sir Alex Halliday (Founding Dean, Columbia Climate School; Director, The Earth Institute, Columbia University)

Columbia Climate School

The climate crisis is one of the greatest threats facing humanity. In response, Columbia University has created the nation’s first climate School to develop innovative education programs, support groundbreaking research, and foster essential solutions, from the community to the planetary scale. The Climate School will ensure that students are equipped with the knowledge and tools to be climate leaders in the 21st century. By working with communities, businesses, and policymakers, the School will create and inspire new technologies, policies, and approaches to solving the climate crisis.

This is a registererd online event via Zoom, please confirm your email account associated with Zoom.